Look Who Is Talking? Worth Knowing!

Finaly someone took the floor regarding our case. This is an opinion about our campain 🙂



Yes, exactly… “boss of all the bosses” speaks about our blog!

That’s right, a promotion on the part of the “company”… minimum! But on the other hand… it hasn’t been a year… and there aren’t 50 thousand users yet!…

So… what a shame! It’s “perhaps”… not about us 🙁


In fact we didn’t note any response from Generali. Even no attempt to enter the conversation. What still remains in force is “the corporation scritp” according to which the way of adjudicating the dispute in court is “the weapon” of the stronger. The corporation script of ignoring the weaker opponent.

In other words… it has been nearly a month of striving and putting on airs and graces. We are giving a girl the eye, the girl does… nothing. We have chosen to follow the path of polite courtship and playful tickling the girl’s ear because we have never wanted to scare off “the chosen one” with a threat of a rape 🙂 Nevertheless she is still convinced that what we are offering is a marriage beneath.

The time has come for compulsory “premartial teachings”. We have even chosen a priest. The priest who doesn’t take no for an answer 🙂

The details, to our delight (?) coming soon…


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