Isn’t it a deviation? Such an excessive affection towards court proceedings?

Or perhaps is it a corporate calculation? Unwillingness to pursue the solutions to our case, similarly to insurance capital funds (UFK) case?

It’s a shame to read an announcement about filling a group action against Generali (30.06.2015 Gazeta Wyborcza).
One would say: “See what corporate arrogance has led to!”
Regrets are in vain however, since the image loss is compensated by continuously charged “liquidation fees” which are still present in “saving insurance policies”.
Disgust and shame, isn’t what’s left?


Fortunately, “the spirit of the people” is still present:



A sweet and sour conclusion as a sum up:

“Lucky” us, the solution for “our case” seems to be easier. It wouldn’t involve the loss of “current income”. And it would bring in a slight profit to the image of the corporation….


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