A Fool or a Schemer?

Maybe it’s not a norm, but there are plenty of examples…

Proud Generali logo in the headline. Legible signature of the company representative at the end. In addition a few people from the company engaged in promoting the document as a good, wise and profitable solution for both of the parties. And the content of the document…



… incorrect, inaccurate? An obvious contradiction with decorum, with the civil code and other regulations! Indolence, foolishness? Maybe “corporate specialists” took a nap after tiring law classes for hobbyists? In brief: shame!


We stand up for all those people! Also the ones who invested their good reputation giving you such a document to sign! We stand up for you because you probably don’t want to deserve to be called “a fool”?

So what is it if not thoughtlessness?

“Such a tiny leverage” for possible use (maybe successful?) over the other party of “the agreement”? Or maybe it’s treacherous, premeditated and conscious misleading? Isn’t it actionable under the law?

Really? Impossible!

We stand up for all those who… Knock, knock… impossible! Either, or…

So if you actually represented the company in any way in such a shady business, there is a tough decision to be made. Which describes you better: a fool or a schemer?

In one of the first posts we promised that we’ll keep it “rather funny than scary”. In order to keep that promise we avoid putting it bluntly. However to add some colour, underneath we post a exemplary fragment of the civil code which… “escaped corporate dumb bunnies’ notice”?


Article 19
The parties may not derogate from Articles 17 and 18 to the detriment of the commercial agent before the agency contract expires.



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