A Fool or a Schemer?

Maybe it’s not a norm, but there are plenty of examples… Proud Generali logo in the headline. Legible signature of the company representative at the end. In addition a few people from […]


Isn’t it a deviation? Such an excessive affection towards court proceedings? Or perhaps is it a corporate calculation? Unwillingness to pursue the solutions to our case, similarly to insurance capital funds (UFK) […]

Catch 22

Are you familiar with it? Let’s remind… The novel “Catch 22” by Joseph Heller. American pilots are based in Italy during the World War II. ’Can’t you ground someone who’s crazy?’ ’Oh, […]

The Priest

In one of the previous posts we mentioned a priest 🙂 We have checked how “the premartial teachings” went last year. There were couples of all sorts. Many of them were “difficult […]

Not To Click?

It takes a minute to verify that our blog is not “a predefinied attack”. All necessary information is easy to be found. Shouldn’t every IT specialist know where to “dig”? So is […]

Why… Do You Do It To Us?

Desperation? Lack of ideas? No 🙂 … but first things first… In April we applied for the payment… according to the letter of the law. From what we already experienced in 2014, […]

And Bananas Go To

In a nutshell, this is what the result of our work in Generali look like. Added value which was our contribution to the company. Sales results, the number of aquired clients and […]


We’ve found your comments on horses and riders from the first post really amusing. However there were also suggestions that we should point more precisely what “our struggle” actually refers to. To […]


In this blog we will tell you about our progress in the struggle with Generali. You don’t realize when our experience might turn helpful also to you. Optimism and sense of humor […]